Background Check

Hey there, gang.  Name’s Timmy Tamisiea and I am an art student . . . well, soon to be former art student and become a full fledged artist.  Well, I was always an artist even when I as a art student . . . the point is I am in the final lap of my time at Columbia College Chicago as a MFA student in film and video.  As part of this monumental benchmark in my life, I decided to make a professional go of it and head to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the entertainment filed(s).  Because of this somewhat crazy (or some wild say ambitious?) move, Columbia has asked me to write a blog about my this move and what it’s like for a Columbia grad in LA LA land.

Before I even begin this blog, it’s appropreate that you, my readers, get a good idea of who I am so that you can have a modicum of faith in my musings.  After all, while I ‘m new to LA and this whole experience could be a list of trails and errors, I’m not just some schlep who got asked to pour words into a digital screen.

I was born and raised in Nebraska.  Elkhorn and Omaha to be exact.  I came smack dab in the middle of my 4 brothers.  NO sisters.  yes, my mom is a saint.  I did the whole theatre thing in high school — acting in musicals at the local all girls school because, well, it was an ALL girls school.  Those experiences made me want to be an actor.  So, I got my BA in Performing Arts from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  From there I moved to NEw York where I kind of tried to be an actor . . . I really spent most of my time partying and working a day job.  After attending a baseball game where the Cubs beat the Mets, I decided to move to Chicago.  Chicago became my headquarters where I performed all over, New England, Denver, Michigan, Kentucky . . . but eventually, I found a new love . . . . improv and sketch.  I performed with the IO Theatre and Second City regularly as well as with my brother in our two man sketch group We HAve An Uncle Dick.

The through line of all these experiences was this deep seated desire to make films.  I bounced around in the film and video world enough that I decided to to put up or shut up.  I applied to Columbia College’s MFA Film and Video program . . . and didn’t get in.  I kept performing and making videos with various sketch groups and tried again in 2007.  Then I was accepted . . . and Columbia has changed my life.  I am forever indebted to this institution — well, I do owe a lot of money in student loans . . . but beyond that, I truly feel I have the skill and connections to make a good go at the career.

Last May, I walked in the Columbia graduation ceremony and then I moved to Los Angeles . . . well, moved is the key word.  That was back in late May.  But for all intensive purposes, I MOVED to LA.  And now, Columbia has asked me to write about this climate change.  So the following blog posts will, hopefully, give you some insight into the my trials, tribulations, victories and success in Los Angeles so hat maybe, you, the current student, the alum, the prospective student or even the random reader can make your own clear plan for your career.


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